Friday, April 26, 2013

Moon Song

Did any of you get to see that giant gorgeous moon last night?  It was glorious in the sky and I was so glad we happened to be getting in after dark, or I might have missed it.  I was so sleepy, but I so didn't want to turn in.  Not before doing some kind of moon dance or a little howl.  As I curled up on the couch, I felt such a separation from the moon that was overhead.  Maybe tonight I will get a chance to pay homage to the night beauty if she shows again...

This simple little piece was one I created last week for a silent auction (fundraiser) at Sam's school.   It was beautifully framed and while the photo simply doesn't do much for it, it is a sweet little piece I would have been happy to hold onto.  But equally happy to see it raise a bit of money for a beautiful school that has housed one of the greatest chapters in my life.  I love that Sam's principal is the new owner....something magical in that.  

The day this came to be, I felt inspired to dump out all my beach glass and driftwood, and play.  It amazes me to see what a stick and six stones can become.  The moon is a mighty little stone that was three dimensional and really looked like a moon.  Gorgeous.  Each of those birds came to life as I gave them a wee voice, when I drew on their beaks!  I can hear them loosening up their vocal cords, shuffling back and forth on two tiny feet, waiting for the moon to light up the they could begin their song.

See you all next week...have a great weekend.  If you are inspired to meet under that moon tonight, be sure to cast a wish or two.  We did last night - a very special one.  

In the studio today...
I have a feeling today will be a low key day around here...tea, inspiration, arranging for a sweet painting to leave to a new home.  A great kick in being an artist is the story of how some pieces come to be,  and who they end up going to live with.  It's all rather magical.  I guess I have used that word a lot today.  A full moon will do that.  

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