Thursday, May 16, 2013


I love finding words out in the world...
they catch my eye and I never think for a moment that it's an accident - somehow that word has something to do with my day, or my life.  An idea I need to explore.  It might not make sense at the moment, but I store it away often in the form of a photograph.  Until I need to be reminded and I pull it out.  And just like that, it makes sense.

There are so many things in our everyday life, that could very easily push us back into hiding.  Back to our safe spot.  Away from the edge and far from growing.  And receiving.  I have found this week to be an invitation to keep on with what I believe and to expand and reach, even if there are reasons nearby that might push me to protect, stay safe and play it cool.  I don't want to recoil,  shrink or be smaller, because it makes someone else more comfortable. I believe it's in those times especially, that we need to open our chests and let our heart lead the way....

Last night I had a dream I was swimming with elephants...they were BIG and there were a great many of them, so safety maybe should have been a concern, but it wasn't.  I felt safe, and the biggest feeling I had from the dream, was EASE....we did this slow gentle dance in the water, as we all moved around in the same space together.  Respecting each others size and mutual want to be there - it was kind of beautiful.  The air was so warm and it was that special time just before dusk...the feelings I get when I think about it, will carry me today.  


Photo taken in the distillery district in Toronto.  Interestingly, the whole day was about opening...and getting ready to step into a big expansion.

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