Wednesday, May 8, 2013

                                                   A visual journal
The ease with which we can now record our lives, visually speaking here for a moment, is incredible.  From a girl who once toted a bag full of SLR's and lenses all around, tools to capture images, I can give you an alleluia for the shift in ease I feel these days, around taking photographs.   My iphone takes a pretty decent photo, and while it keeps me present and helps me keep track of beauty in my life, it also allows me a freedom I never had with my big cameras.  In the past whenever I left to go anywhere, I always went through this little q&a in my head;  'ok where are we going today?  Is there a chance we will want to have the camera?  Is the camera going to be in the way, get wet, be restricted by the event?'  That little convo, is history.  And because I have my phone with me all the time, I always have a camera.  I LOVE THAT.  Instagram has made it easy to post & share photos on line, on the go and from the hip, and even gives us some creative wiggle room with all those cool filters.  It's been sweet getting to connect with friends and family through photographs - so my style.  And with total ease.

From a photography stand point, or maybe I mean quality - the file sizes, the images, are not very big and don't contain a lot of information so they mostly need to stay rather small.  So we aren't going to be blowing these images up and framing them, and hoping for tack sharpness.  That fuzzy ethereal quality instagram delivers is it's own version of art, and hoping for something else is like asking an orange to give you apple juice.  I am totally into finding ways to incorporate these little square images of my everyday life into our home, so I can continue loving this medium.   One such way is turning the images into books.  Last Friday night I sat for hours sifting over chapters of our lives, iphone images, and making them into 5x5 soft cover (matte) books.  They arrived last night and I LOVE them.  I would do things a bit differently next time  - but they are way cool just as they are and I wanted to pass along the inspiration in case like me, you have tons of great instagram images.  It was a great little sentimental journey too, putting these together.  It's part of the gift here...the books are great, but the process had me bubbling over with gratitude.

If you are interested, I ordered my books from artifact uprising - they have a section just for instagram books.  You can choose your layout per page (one, two or four images per page)....I highly recommend using one photo per page , with just a sprinkling of four images per page layouts.  I am so glad I have lots of full page spreads.  The four on a page is great for including lots of every day life stuff - and adds a great design element - but I wouldn't want the whole book with tiny images - but that's just me.  

psThe shipping is a kicker - so I ordered four books to make it no additional charge.  

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  1. Thanks so much Tracy! Love your blog and grateful for your kind words! cheers!