Monday, May 6, 2013

       The Whole of the moon 

Years ago I heard a song that spoke to me on a soul level...You know when you can't understand the reasons you LOVE it, or the meaning behind the song, it just gets in you?  It happens all the time with music, it's magical like that.  This tale is about one particular time a song came along, that happened to be in the eighties.  The soundtrack of your life as you are coming of age, is always a special brew...this song just sunk into my heart and never left.  I only ever heard the song a couple of times, and never got the artists behind it, or even the lyrics straight - except that the moon was a big character!  And then as it left the airwaves, and time went on,  it just drifted off my radar.  A couple times a year, I would believe for a fleeting second that it was on the radio... frozen I would listen carefully, only it always turned out to be some other song.  Such experiences always lead me to do a quick lyric search, literally scanning my brain each time for more clues, lyrics to help me find it...but it always evaded me.  Until this morning.  Twenty years of craving,  quenched by Jian this morning.  The lyrics filled my kitchen and swirled in my head, knowing that they were meant to be heard now. Today.  Interpreted with the perspective I have now, and not a moment sooner.  Sure it doesn't have to mean anything at all...but if you know me, well you know it means something.  Whether it was given to me so I might reflect back on that time in my life, and see something I need to see today. Or perhaps the gift is in the lyrics and hearing it now, holds some guidance.  Within minutes I had the gift that song waited all these years to give.  Monday morning magic is pretty RAD!  I'll take it...

With a torch in your pocket 
And the wind at your heels 
You climbed on the ladder 
And you know how it feels 
To get too high, Too far, too soon 
You saw the whole of the moon 
The whole of the moon! 

            The Waterboys

I take a lot of shots of feet.  I like a snapshot of where I am standing, now.  Our feet take us on the literal journey, that our dreams fuel.  Where we stand today, is often the result of much conscious & unconscious thinking, planning and wishing.  In the photo above, I was standing in the distillery district in Toronto  ...a place I had set out for many times in my mind.  Feet shots for me are often a celebration...look where we are today.  Look where we are.  

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