Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Almost summer

Last night around supper ....
Sam:   'oh yeah Mom, we are having a pot luck tomorrow at school to celebrate the countries we studied in our projects...'
me:  'WHAT?  What does that even mean?  Are you kidding?'

I couldn't even process the request, my list was still so long much to do before I could sit down and rest my poor head still recovering from the three day headache I was emerging from.  A part of me was not willing to accept another duty, the question 'what were they thinking' was running through my mind and wanted to be put to the teacher with this bright idea.  

Sam:  'We have to make a traditional food from Scotland.'  
Dave, while smiling and looking at me :  'Whatcha gonna make, haggis'?  

He was brave to say this, and I was surprised I even heard him, as I was busy running a script in my mind that I would deliver to the teacher... about how we thought we had Italy, and thus the frozen pizzas I pulled from the freezer for this celebration!  

In truth, I loved the opportunity once I got into it, to bake something out of my comfort zone - something totally new.  I made a dessert I LOVED as a kid - and while I couldn't try them last night because they were chock FULL of gluten and sugar, my boy and guy, said they rocked.  And they looked so beautiful!  As I spread icing and smeared jam, I filled with gratitude for the year almost behind us.  June is always a time of seeing how far we've come.... 

All that aside, Sam's teacher, if you are reading, know this act of lunacy at the eleventh hour, drastically cuts into the magic of your teacher gift.  What may have been an lcbo gift card, has been reduced to something substantially less celebratory.  You did this to yourself!  Of course I am kidding and would willingly do just about anything these teachers ask of me.  At this time of year, I am in awe of what you all accomplish in a year.   I am forever grateful for each gesture, words of encouragement, and ra ra ra you deliver...for the changes you inspire, the beauty and struggle you bear witnesss to, and the love you must feel most days way down deep, for what you do - 
I thank you teachers.  xo

In the photo, Scottish empire biscuits.  Lots of fuss and sugar, but I'm told, pretty sweet!  Back in the day it would have been topped with one of those candied cherries, but I simply couldn't do it.  This way there is one morsel of nutrition atop!

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