Friday, June 14, 2013

Play and Trust
This week I headed to the woods on my own, with Charlie.  I needed to make a space for myself to breathe deeply, create if I was moved to, and connect with nature.  I was looking to clear my mind and distract from the city and the forever growing list of things to do before one sells and moves.  I was kind of searching for an answer or two, hopeful I would return to the city relieved and inspired.  

As I turned onto the wildly beautiful road that takes me to my woodsy retreat, I invited that said inspiration and asked (out loud) for some nature guidance....the kind that always takes me to the heart of myself.  Beyond thought and logic and reason.  The place I most like to be.  

Before I finished my invite to the Universe to show me magic and as I promised to listen, we spotted a big mama snapping turtle laying her eggs on the side of the Charlie and I stopped to visit.  We wished her well and carried on.  Not two minutes ahead, this gentle graceful creature hopped down from an embankment and stood in front of us on the road.  I LOVE DEER, so it was a treat.  She wasn't in a hurry to rush off anywhere, or fearful of us....she stood feet from us, barely behind tree coverage.  I soaked her energy in, and wished she would stay. I thanked her for her beauty and trust ....and then she flitted off into the trees. 

Later that day, a porcupine sauntered right into my space, lingered slowly before coming within two feet of me.  He sat for a while right there on my little wooden table, again not fearful or in a rush.  What a sweet face!  After he left and my excitement quieted, I went in search of the symbolism one might expect comes from a face to face meeting with a porcupine.   I was surprised and elated at the message I was being sent.  PLAY.  These prickly creatures are ironically very gentle souls, rarely using their sharp defensive mechanisms unless trust is broken.  They have a very gentle nature and are curious and playful.  Never in too much of a hurry.  Not too worried about what could happen in any given day, knowing instinctively how they would handle whatever threats come their way in the moment, and not living overly cautious about what happened before, or what might in the future.  I LOVED the possibility that the Universe was passing along this whisper.  Turns out that the playful nudge, has been showing up in various places around my world.  This kind of helped me connect the dots and see the forest, in spite of the trees!  I must say, after the last few months, play is something I will eagerly embrace.  As messages go, it's a pretty awesome one to receive.  And one I accept!

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  1. oh, the deer. she is so beautiful!!! and i love the special time you had in the woods with charlie