Monday, June 3, 2013

You won't always find magnificence, where you find balance

Coming from the Libra camp, balance has been at the centre of my radar, most of my life. It seems, in some molecular historical cosmic kind of way, I am drawn to feel balance in my life.  More than the other signs, maybe.  For a great many years, the pursuit kept me very busy, and the quick undo of it all,  the unravelling that life inevitably delivers as it tips the scales, made for a never ending chase.  Chasing balance is a tiring adventure...if you allow it to be.

 I love that in my life today, balance isn't as important as it once was.  I recognize (thank you in part Danielle Laporte xo) that when you want to create masterpieces while you are here,  and I do, it's going to take some laser sharp focus.  Some intent, to be single minded.  Your masterpiece is going to take up a lot of room in your life, squeezing out bits that for now, won't get your attention and energy.  I suppose I learned this truth when for a decade my 'career' tanked while I tended to my biggest masterpiece, namely Sam.  A lot fell out of focus during that time, but what good came of that single minded devotion, is world changing.  So I'm kinda cool with it all.  

Soon, I will be on to a new masterpiece, and the things I let slide will be front and centre.  That's how life works.  The greatest songs, buildings, movies, books, and childhoods, came to be because someone put their masterpiece ahead of every other thing in their life.  They did one thing, very very well.  Everyday, we are inspired by such projects done with tunnel vision.  Pure beauty, born of total imbalance in someones life, when they stepped off the map to make their masterpiece.  I am so grateful to know first hand, what magnificence can come when you let one thing, be your everything, for a bit.


  1. Congratulation TRacy! I guess you DID IT! May life fill your path with light. love and health!

  2. Thanks for your wishes Babi xox