Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What we focus on, grows

This image could be the poster of my summer....the ease and joy I have been feeling for weeks, is so present in this image for me.  It captures my inner temperature.  My thoughts have been dreamy and calm and expansive and sure - and when I look in the mirror, that's what I see.  While my boy has been on summer holiday's I can honestly say I have been there beside him on summer holiday.  Following the path of least resistance.  Staying up late if that's what feels good.  Drinking green juice every morning and loving how it fuels me for HOURS.  Having a margarita today, even though I had one yesterday.  Walking Charlie (and looking for sweet Annie) three or four times a day.  Wandering around with Dave under the moon light.  Laughing, lots.  Being really kind to myself, and watching my focus, deliberately and consciously filling up the moments of my day, with goodness.  I've noticed that the deeper I travel into this ease and fun, the more of it I draw into my life.  It's profound really - and more than kinda magical.  

I wanted to come by and say hello.  Hi there.   I haven't been here in a while.  I have had lots to share, but truthfully none of it was from the art world, until today!  I am excited to share a bit of news with you.... As of midnight tonight, I will have the keys to my new beautiful studio!!!  The place that will play host to my next creative adventure, is in my heart big time!  A beautiful place that the Universe plucked right out of my dreams.  Seriously.  YUMM.  I will be back in a bit to share more with you, as I make this space my own, one delicious bit at a time.  
Until then, sending out summery love filled vibrations...
See you soon,

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