Monday, September 16, 2013

Changing Seasons

As we dive deeper into September around here, there is much change in the air.  When you live where the seasons come and go with such huge and sweeping changes, it's often hard to distinguish if the flutter in your tummy is your own, or just a result of the changing scenaries in your life.  For me it's been made bigger still, as I have added a whole new space in my life, a new landscape in my weekday life.  The studio is beautiful and just arriving there each day is an experiment in holding on.  Change can be exhilarating and sweep us off our feet.  No matter how grand and beautiful, change is change.  And this past two weeks I have been practicing keeping myself grounded in all this newness.  

I am a big believer in the idea of making space in our lives for things we want to come.  Build it they will come.  As I stand around in the various nooks of my new space, I wonder what will come.  I'm wise enough to know that while i have believed it for encaustic and felt work, and it surely is, I also get a sense the space is for other big projects as well.   I can feel it.  I have no idea yet what, but there are whispers.  Having been a girl with pretty big ideas all of my life, this space feels like one I can stretch out in, and allow what I have dreamed up or asked for over the years,  to flow into my life. Much like the studio itself.

I call moments where I stand still and smile and feel full up with gratitude for where I am standing, sheer joy moments.  They are as physical, as dreamy... where my tummy flutters, and I have a knowing wash over me.  A moment in time I know is worth remembering forever.  A good moment in time.  The photo above was taken in one such moment.  Charlie lying under my easel as I painted away, singing to the music playing....  mmm.   There have been several of those moments each day over there and when I fleetingly wonder if all the change is good, in the wee hours of the day, those fluttery joyful moments whisper yes.  Yes Yes Yes.


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