Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Goodbye summer, Hello September...

I dropped my boy off at his new school today...
As we made our way along the surprisingly quiet streets, I wondered briefly if I dreamt the whole part where summer was winding down,  perhaps I had it wrong.  Maybe summer wasn't quite over yet?  Where was the buzz and frantic energy often felt around this day?  I wondered if my own quiet and chilled back early morning preparations, allowed me this peace and ease?  Maybe when you do something so fully, when it ends there is less to grieve because you simply couldn't do it any better.

There was a kind of knowing in the morning today....that this past summer was one of my best ever.  I had an inner peace and ease, that affected everything I did this summer, and gave every day a glow.  It wasn't just about the time of year, or the fact that I was able to spend the days with my boy...there was something happening in me that was all about ease and love and flow.   I realized more than ever before, that what we fill our minds with, is what our days fill up with.  It's so magical when you put that realization into perspective and begin making more conscious choices.   Everything we are living today, was once a thought.  That truth kind of fueled my summer.  I LOVED the heat where once I loathed it. I ate freely (except for gluten) and felt GREAT.   I was so open that rules fell away, and plans were made from a place of inspiration not restriction.   This was the summer of least resistance, and felt like the best kid summer.  You know where you are simply lost in late bedtimes and holiday spirit.  I felt a deep desire to go to this carefree place, like a calling... I needed the pendulum to swing way over to the opposite of where I had been living the past while.  Maybe so I might totally forget where I came from, and live from a place of freedom.  I didn't exactly set out for such a summer, but I am so glad I found my way to it.  As the cooler nights come and summer settles into my memory so fondly, I am excited to take what summer gave me into my favorite season, fall.  
I am craving cool crisp weather.  I look forward to wandering around my city on foot, wearing boots and sweaters and hats.   And wandering the four blocks to my studio to create and sip tea ... find out what this newly awakened part of me, has to say.  Creatively speaking.  I am eager for fall, and looking forward to the kind of energy and creativity Autumn stirs in me.  I am looking forward to meeting up all together as a family at the end of each day, cooking up feasts, cuddling by the fire at night.  And by day, finding my footing as a full time artist.  It's taken a few years for this to fit and feel right.  Timing and acceptance.  Allowing.  Aligning.  My studio has this smell...a scent wrapped around so many ideas and wishes.  It's in me now and I crave it when I'm not there.  Before stepping into all it, this new season in life and weather, thank you summer...you were as right as any that came before you... and I am grateful for every part. xo  

In the studio:  Today she waits... I wanted a day at home, on my own.  To play here, put things away, make space, make food, get ready.  Stoked about prepping for this new time.  I love the plan sometimes, as much as getting down to it!   Tomorrow I begin at my studio, and it will be sweeter knowing things around here are stocked up and organized, in such a way that everyone can find their way around here while I'm out making art.  
Happy September everyone

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  1. i read this with a huge smile on my face.
    and i cannot wait to watch all the bloomings from your studio.