Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Magical outcomes preferred...

We returned home late Sunday night from a weekend in Toronto, crashing hard from all the walking and high energy.  Monday morning when I believed I was getting to the studio, I jumped into hyper drive to get a few things around the house seen to, before I headed out.  I grabbed clothes from every ones bags and threw a big load into the washer, before anyone was even up.  

The cold we watched Sam come down with literally on the drive home the previous night, was with him in the morning times ten, so my arty plans were stalled.  At least for part of the day, I was in mama mode.  When the laundry was finished I fished out the wet clothes, to find Sam's ipod at the bottom of the washer.  My heart stopped.  Then raced.  I hit the wake button, but nothing happened.  Sam got this device three years ago, and it looks new because he takes such good care of it.  He hasn't lost it or left it somewhere, much to my amazement, and even purchased a heavy duty case (which he designed) to keep it protected and looking good.  And just like that, I ruined it.  

I held it behind my back as I entered the living room, where he was resting in a sea of tissues and pillows.  'I have some bad news Sam....'   As I told him what happened his eyes welled up.  So did mine.  I knew I would buy him another one,  I would make it right....but we both understood that this sentimental guy loved this original gift we gave him, engraved and all.  A device that holds three years of photos, games and music.  

His first words were 'it's okay mom', as he covered his eyes.  He didn't want me to feel badly.  His words were BIG for me.  His gift to look past the thing that was destroyed, and tend first to the feelings of those involved, is so Sam.  We had a big hug and I assured him I would make it right - but I was quick to acknowledge how sorry I was, and that he had taken such good care of it.  He sat quietly.  No resistance.  A very powerful stance - in any situation.  To not resist what is, but instead let it flow through you, somehow makes it less real.   It occurred to me at that moment, that maybe a little miracle had saved it and so I plugged it in. Immediately the charge symbol came on the screen and I flipped around with a squeal and ten year old excitement  'it works!!'  The thing totally came back to life, and with but one flaw, it was perfect.  The flaw...a snowy magical kind of background that didn't hinder any graphics and made some things look extra cool.  It was way cool.  We decided to pull out any extra moisture, letting it sit in a bowl of rice overnight, where by morning almost all the 'snow' had but vanished.  

Sometimes it pays to stay aloof and general when in times of crisis.  Sometimes heading straight into forgiveness, instead of blame and anger, saves the day.  Sometimes the Universe is listening to our words, and when we say 'it's ok mom', everything actually turns out ok.  Whatever happened yesterday, it was a buzzy little trip we enjoyed immensely!!!  What a great positive kiddo I get to travel with in this life...Sam you are quite a guy.  A magical little creator who believes your life is what you believe it to be.  That will serve you little buddy, xoxo

Photo from our day at Wonderland this past weekend...which was almost entirely magical.  xoxo

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  1. i love everything about this post. sam is such a great kid. and you're such a great mama.