Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello cold beautiful January...

You sure are the stuff that cuddling and fires and warm mugs filled to the brim, are made of.  You are the peace without the busy.  The place where still meets inspiration.  Where ideas come as big thoughts, that will later be planted and carefully tended.  They will become.  If you were a month of Sundays, you would have football on loop and offer chille with all kinds of toppings.  You would promote long talks on comfy couches, for the soul purpose of connection.  You would invite sleeping in and tickle fights, rather than hustling and selling your schizzle.  That day is coming, but she's not quite yet here. First there are pieces to be found that are not to be forced, but collected like treasures.  True north kind of stuff. And so it's perfectly fine to go... slow and steady.  Remember this,  as Capricorn stirs you and calls for plans and organizing.  Bigger even than all of that,  another call comes in… for doing things right.  As any beginning begs for.  Here and now,  foundations are formed on what you are January, and while plans make good solid bases, so too does love and clarity.  Truth about where we are and where we most want to go.  It's not a time to fill in space, but leave them wide open and waiting.  So leave the calendars in a place of potent possibility,  let them fill themselves in!  One knock at time, as all opportunity most wants to be answered.  Come in.

So January as you unfold, I promise not to recoil from your raw beauty, but find shelter from it, in nourishing places that stir me up and point me north.   But then, that's been your plan all along, hasn't it.   I am a fan, and as all beginnings go, you are what big dreamers long for and visionaries wait for.  You are a quiet sure launch in a very pretty time.  One must find your beauty within the ice, where magical wishes are silently held, and released.  Like a deep exhale.  Like a reward.  It could be said that you are one of the great ones, and I am smitten.   I see you for who I want you to be, as all Januarys' most willingly want to be seen.  And who with all their days, want for you….what you most want for yourself.  

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  1. An ode to January. Beautiful. Affine piece of writing!