Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sacred Rockstar!

I have a passion for these funky dready scarves…  

They feel sacred to me, infused with feminine energy, my energy.  When I make them, I get lost in the physical process as I groove with the music.  I rub and roll the wool, for hours.  And hours.  I sing and sway and get into a rhythm.  Each one feels like a reflection of my life that day, as so many of my thoughts are woven into the fibres.  Each one feels like an offering.  A passion shared.  I have been 'waiting' to release them more officially…for perfection.  The right shoot.  The right model.  A deep want to express them, as I truly see them.  When you wear one, they make you feel like rocking out, just a bit.  Jeans, boots, long sleeve t…and one of these funky beauties.  I have a couple I wear often, and I am always playing with the dreads, running them over my friends hands, or through their  hair.  Or seductively and playfully, using them in conversation!  They are truly fun and you can't help but feel a little more connected to earth, and your inner rockstar, when you have one on.  True.  One day I will get it together and shoot them with the kind of LOVE they deserve, have a proper representation of these beauties….release a whole body of scarves.  But for now, I am not going to wait out perfection, but show up with what I have.  A piece of advice I gave to another recently, rang true for me today.  
One by one I am going to list them on my etsy shop….come have a peek.  Get your funky on and if you are local and want to add a little love this week, I can promise you delivery by Friday.  Txo

Edited:  I have managed to get one up on easy…so that's something!  But hope to get more up there soon….

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