Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Driftwood & Wool Workshop...

OH it's been too long since I have been here!  hello;)

As you can see above, with such a beautiful studio to hang out in everyday, it's hard finding time to do anything else!  This space has been a celebration of stepping into my artist self, FULL ON...and walking into it everyday is a creative burst all of it's own. If I can tell you one thing I know for sure,   amazing things happen when you make a space for something in your life.  

So many visitors have asked me to do a workshop with wool and before the hot weather comes, I am going to do one evening workshop (wool and driftwood)...where we will swing open the doors and windows, turn on some music and learn to shape luxurious wool around the soft rounded edges of wood, washed up on shores of Lake Ontario.  Sound like your kinda creativity?  
Get the goods here, and reserve your spot now.    
I would love to see some fellow creatives (new and otherwise!) around the table!


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