Thursday, July 3, 2014

The magic in letting the fog clear...
Yesterday we moved out of our studio officially, and stepped into a new chapter.   I craved ceremony and closure and a definitive ending.  I thought it was what I needed.  But in the final few hours it took to move out, in the hot muggy physical push into the next chapter,  I didn't feel I had got my true closure.  It wasn't until the wee hours of the morning today, in the gift of early morning clarity and true reflection, that I felt connected to my process of this ending.  I had been part of weeks of celebration and ritual, and while at the eleventh hour it was all very physical and pragmatic, I couldn't see the beautiful unfolding of it all,  until the fog cleared.  How perfect it all really was.  I had my closure, only instead of it taking place in a hot sweaty mess at the end, it came in an easy flow over the span of a few weeks.  I said my goodbye, one day at a time.  Consciously, ceremoniously, and in my own savouring ways.  With photos...of my art and process, and the beautiful space I was so lucky to call my own for nearly a year.  With studio visits with friends.  With a couple workshops filled with great beautiful women, where my passion for wool and wax,  trumped my introverted fears, and allowed me to let others in. With an open studio and sale that was quaint and rainy and honestly, magically so very perfect.  Like a slow beautiful song,  art (and Tracy!) lovers came and went, and it wasn't overwhelming or too busy that I missed even a single morsel.  I actually got to visit one on one, with every person who stopped in.  Not spread thin, and scattered, but present and grateful.  Sigh.   There may not have been fireworks last night, unless you count the mini meltdown and hormonal shift (thank you mother nature) - but in the gift of true reflection,  I could see all the beauty in this ending.  It happened in every hour over the past few weeks.  In fleeting magical moments, as I celebrated what this past year has meant to me.  On my own, and with Charlie, and with my boys, and with friends.  It really was a closing that was made for me, and pretty much has me dolling out the love today, in every direction.  I followed a whisper out of nowhere, when I took this particular studio, and it took me on a wonderful creative journey.   Making space for something really does invite it in fully.  I followed a whisper that persisted and urged me to step out of that chapter, and into the next. And while I have a pretty foggy idea of what's next, I know whenever we find a way to follow those deep soulful whispers, they take us to the foothills of the adventures we wished for.  xo

Dear life and Dave and Sam and bees and sheep...for this chapter, I am forever and ever, grateful. For your sacrifice and gifts, I send forward so much goodness out ahead of me... that you have your hands and love entangled in and around... and together we have added light in the world.  That much I know for sure.    

PHOTO;  Taken on my outdoor treetop studio as I readied to put art in crates and supplies in storage. The flowers were from my grandma's garden, I had picked them for my open studio the night before.  The petals were thanks you's and wishes....and as I watched them pick up and take flight - I saw them in my minds eye at least, float to where wishes go to be heard.   Pretty ceremonious I would say xo

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