Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A summer camp for WOMEN.  

I hope for some of you, this comes as an invitation....
To come and to wander in the woods by the lake.  To settle into your cabin like you might have many years ago, with excitement in your belly.  To say yes to art.  To know your meals will be lovingly prepared for you while you make art and paddle on the lake and get lost in yourself.  To take care of you, and not another soul...for two whole days.  To be just a girl.  
 We have planned out a beautiful retreat - where we give everyone permission to get what they need.  If you need to create like mad, the workshops run all day and the materials, instructions and inspiration are plentiful! You will leave with art to hang on your walls, and have stories to tell.  You will be able to take your new found arty knowledge into summer and start creating in your own spaces.   If you need to sleep in, skinny dip, read most of the night, sip wine, howl under the moon or sit silently for hours under a night sky beside a blazing fire...
We have you covered. 

If this calls to you to come closer.  If you've been yearning for space, creativity, inspiration and nature.  If you have forgotten what it feels like to take care for yourself for a couple of days, and not another soul.  If you are dipping your toe into new mediums and have been hearing the whispers of wax or wool.  If you are a seasoned artist just needing to get out of your own studio and connect with others.
We may very well have put this whole retreat together, just for you.  
Come with us xo


**Julie's image....from a time when she opened up a little space for herself**

To learn more, or sign up....head on over here!

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