Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The places that get our focus, not so surprisingly, grow. 
Here are some of the things I'm growing lately...

While there's not much action happening here in blog land, there's been lots happening in the studio over the past few months.  Working away on several bodies of separate and distinctly different work.  In my painting days (not so long ago, but not so recently) I needed to work on three paintings at once.  It helped me to continuously move forward.  Mostly.  An artist friend shared that tip, and it worked beautifully for me.  If I found myself stuck I just turned to another painting and things seemed to open up.  It was brilliant.  Turns out, I work the same with wool.  Having a few different creative balls in the air, I can move around some...and it serves my need for variety.  

One direction at the moment I'm excited about, is a collection of childlike characters from my imagination.  Woolly and framed.   Kinda big.  These characters...they have stories.  Of course, don't we all.  I'm inspired to tell their stories...and maybe each 'piece' will come with his or her own story.  It's a neat twist I didn't plan really, that allow two of my favorite mediums (writing and wool) to bump up against one another.  I love that surprise.  It's early in things, so I'm not sure where this will go ... but it all feels kinda magical.

Another place getting my attention is 16 individual small wool pieces, with a focus on black and white.  Mostly.  Not a huge shocker really, if you know me.  I love me some black and white!  The more I 'build' this little collection, the more excited I get to see it framed (it's underway) and hung in deep white modern frames, four rows of four...square.  Part of me wonders if it needs to stay together.  Maybe here.   Crazy, I suppose.  Or not.   

Then there's the Fat Goose later this month, such a pleasure to be part of something so well put together with local artists, some I know well and others that may become good friends down the road.  This event always lets me dance a little with fine craft.  And you can bet  some festive inspired pieces.  My inner child loves holiday celebrations of any kind!  I get to watch holiday movies on loop while I make make make.  It's not a bad way to spend a few weeks of life.  Fa la la, for sure.

And beyond the plans and good intentions, lately there has been a lot of play.  The meaty work.  The kind that feels like it comes from deep inside.  And from somewhere far away.  Part me, part muse perhaps.  We are both showing up in these spaces and it's good.  I have half stories and partial designs.  But I know the rest is coming.  I just don't have all the information yet.  And I don't need to.   I haven't met all the players.  It's this dance between art and life, and I'm curiously on the lookout.  Always.  And when it does come together, it's often 'quick and dirty'.  It writes itself, so to speak.  It's easy and it feels like a yes.  The moment it comes together you just know.  It's work you will always be glad you made.  And that's the work that feeds me for winter, so to speak.   It's the work that deeply whispers, you have said something great here, and it carries you until the next bout of true north creation.  xo


A few places you can find me in the coming weeks....

Always in my ART SHOP.  That space will be getting a bit of new fresh focus soon as I ready for my  FACEBOOK   'Deck the halls with art'  sale again this year.  Details to come.  That was super fun for me last year and why I wanted to do it again.  This year I will kick that off November 24.   I will be at the  FAT GOOSE sale Sunday November 22.  You can find one of my encaustic pieces along with MANY other great works and experiences,  at the in concert with Sarah Harmer fund raiser
SILENT AUCTION kicking off later tonight.  I bet there will be some really cool stuff there to bid on, this community can really throw a party!
 Of course there will be other places I will set up ...and when I know where, I will let you know.  Here, or over at my INSTAGRAM hang out.   

  Lots going on, it's a good season xo

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