Wednesday, June 22, 2016

He knew love was out there...

 I want to believe that this wolf wasn't in search of little red riding hood to eat her.  I want to believe he had just finished a big lunch with three bears and was out looking for adventures on a full belly.  And he wasn't dodging bullets from planes as man interfered in nature, again. 
No it wasn't anything like that.  This guy was a little bit lonely for something different.  

He had many four legged friends, but he wanted to hear her ramble on and on as they walked side by side.  He did his best to keep up, and loved when she slowed to scruff the wirey hair on the top of his head, before whispering 'come on bud'.   And the way she used him for a pillow after they ran and ran right out of steam,  in the lush July meadow that fell between her world and his.  

His eyes were good ones, and made him the best at spotting his friend in red from afar, when they were playing and hiding in the trees.  He rarely won though.  But her pure laughter with eyes squeezed shut, whenever she found him first, was one of his favorite sounds.  

He never had a chance to get even a little hungry, because she always reached into her basket, the one  she packed just for him, and fed him berries with her tiny fingers.  She would say...
 ' That's just what you do for the ones you love'

He loved her spindly legs and the way she balanced even the most slender logs and never stopped singing the whole time, as they travelled miles together.  And she loved how quiet he was as he listened to her songs.  She believed he truly loved her music.  He could hear her voice in his chest before sleep, every night.  

She loved how he quietly followed her home,  hidden in the forest just to be near for an extra few minutes.  She never let on she saw him, and always left her sandwich on a rock.  
He thought as he watched her disappear back into her world, while nibbling on his sandwich...
 'I would watch over her forever....that's just what you do for the ones you love'.  

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