Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We really wanted to have a show together, in our own city.  Right now.  New work, never shown before.  A celebration.  I am a downtown it's really swell to have a show in the centre of my world.  One weekend in my favorite month, quick and dirty like.  That refers to the phenomenon of Julie and Tracy.  Quick and dirty.  It's how we work together, creatively.  It's kind of lit up and feels electric.  There is a muse or two between us, and when we get together to play, it's a full room.  Our job is to say yes and get out of our own way!  We leave some room for magic.  This show came together in that fashion, with art angels and loft owners and stars aligning... to make it happen overnight, with a feeling of ease and LOVE.  
Downtown sure is magical in December...leave your car at home, dress warm and pack your flask!  Take in the lights, do some local shopping, spin by the skaters and big lit up tree...and be DECEMBER silly.  Then come see us xo

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